¬†Individual Course “Real Life”


This is an “individual” course where the participant has the opportunity to stay one or more days at our laboratory bringing with him his own real case that will be developed step by step, from the analysis of the initial photographs to the choice of the most appropriate prosthetic material. , to the stratification technique.

It can be a planning for an aesthetic mock-up, the realization of a temporary or a definitive work, thus spacing from photography to digital planning “Smile Design” up to Cad design and Cam realization.

Every single step will be performed together, guiding the participant safely, towards the realization of an aesthetic and functional restoration, moreover during these days also the participant will have the opportunity to see and discuss the clinical cases that are daily faced and solved by our laboratory.

The name “Real Life” was used precisely because in a course like this there are no secrets, the development of a real case, a case that the trainee would face every day in his laboratory, is run together with our support as if it were our case.

We are waiting for you!