The veneers in the daily routine 



Today we can certainly say that aesthetics has become one of the predominant elements in prosthetic rehabilitation, patients enter in dental practices with very specific ideas about what is oral aesthetics, so it has become essential for the modern dental work team propose and carry out minimally invasive reconstructions but with a great aesthetic impact.

The aim of this two-day course is to provide participants with all the information necessary to face modern aesthetic challenges. It is aimed at dental technicians who want to deepen the technique of ceramic veneers performed with the technique of refractory abutment.
The course will begin with a brief presentation in which all aspects concerning ceramic veneers will be analyzed, from planning to the realization of the alveolar model to the ceramic veneering and finishing phases.

The speaker will explain some tips on how to best manage simple and complex cases solved with a simple but at the same time effective technique.

All participants will be provided with a model of alveolar work on which they will perform all the phases presented in the theoretical part.